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Our Mission

The Association is dedicated to the establishment and promotion of sustainable and economically viable viticulture in the Outer Coastal Plain AVA of New Jersey. It is devoted to the study and practice of grape growing in recognition of the fundamental importance of quality fruit in the wine industry triad of the grape grower, winemaker, and consumer.

Our Goals


Promote dissemination of grape growing information to Association members through meetings at vineyards throughout the region, seminars and other speaker events as well as through its website.


Promote and fund viticultural research on important wine industry issues of the Outer Coastal Plain AVA.


Educate the community and consumer regarding the unique character of Outer Coastal Plain AVA vineyards and the quality wines they produce.


Coordinate grape growing efforts with the needs of the wineries and consumers of New Jersey..


Provide members with opportunities for discount purchasing of grape growing related materials and equipment and facilitate sharing and distribution of such.


Serve as an early warning network for vineyard problems- e.g., disease pressure, insect monitoring, climatic events, etc.


Collaborate with state and federal government agencies and other industry organizations to promote sustainable viticulture.

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